Thursday, July 20, 2006

MySpace, small world

Oh man, I have finally given into MySpace. Yes, I know. I'm such a loser, or at least if my big girl ever finds out, she will think that I'm a loser. Why does a 36-year old mom of three, with a nice career and plenty of friends, find the need to play around on MySpace when it is clearly a site geared toward teenage hook-ups? Do I not already have enough to do? Doesn't my hubbie give me enough attention? Well, I'm not quite sure if any of that matters, but I'm glad I've taken the plunge into MySpace, so there! After all, I found my good friend, Steve, whom I haven't seen in like 13 or so years, and we're having lunch next week. I can't wait! And I've found some other friends from my "childhood," as well. I guess I like MySpace because it makes the world feel just a little bit smaller and a little more within reach.

***Update - I think I just figured out why I shouldn't be on MySpace. One of the same guys that has been messaging my 18-year-old daughter just sent me a message, too. He said "You're hot. Let's talk." EWWWWW!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lost my filter

OMG, why do I say these things?! Coming out of my mouth before I could stop it... "Some of these parents think that the sun rises and sets out of their kid's........ (butt)!" (Said to a very professional and kind professor re: a student in his class) My parents always used very colorful sayings that apparently I have picked up, and they reverberate before I ever have a chance to stop them. I'm so embarrassed!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Little piggy

I think my boy is getting ready to have a major growth spurt. Tonight we went to Love's for dinner. And he ordered from the adult's menu instead of the kid's menu, a giant plate of snow crab legs. When it came to the table, I was thinking there was NO WAY he would eat all that. But I was wrong, VERY WRONG. He demolished all his crab legs, a huge baked potato, and even after he ate all the fried shrimp off of Stevie's plate, he was still looking around the table for more. I am always hoping that the boys have a major growth spurt and become tall like their daddy, instead of short and elfish like me. Tonight may have been a sign of bigger things to come.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The happy gardener

Well, things at work are finally starting to get managable. I mean, at least I'm not in a panic the entire day, and I don't feel like I'm drowning.

Drowning... I know what it feels like, really. Flashback five years. When I learned how to scuba dive, I had a horrible time with this particular skill where you have to fill up your mask with water and then clear it out. I'd feel the water under my nose and immediately sniff, and then I'd think I was drowning. So the first time I had to do that skill in the ocean, I was sitting on the ocean floor, I took in a little water, and I immediately tried to bolt to the surface to keep from drowning (which I wasn't really). Only you can't just pop up from the bottom when you're diving, or you get the bends (nitrogen bubbles caught in the bloodstream - very bad). So my dive instructor, Carlos, was trying to hold me down, even though I was trying to get away. He was a great instructor, because despite me trying to beat him off and pummelling him with my fists, he still didn't let me swim up too fast. By the time I finally got to the surface, I was exhausted and couldn't swim or function any more, so Carlos had to tow me back to the shore. How in the HELL did I ever learn how to dive and actually get my license?!

Anyway, I haven't been drowning in work as much this week, so I've been able to relax at night, do things I like, and not just immediately fall asleep after dinner. My favorite thing to do at night after dinner? Drink a beer, sit in the garden, pull weeds and prune stuff. Very zen. Here I am in the garden...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Little feet, pink shoes

In case you don't believe it, I have little feet. It only makes sense, considering I am pretty short, and I would look totally ridiculous if I had big feet. And even though I am short, I DO NOT wear heels. I hate them. They hurt. And they make me look like I am just pretending to be tall.

So I just splurged on a pair of shoes. I have been wanting them for a year now, and I finally gave in and bought them. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had, and yes, THEY ARE PINK! Every girl should own a pair. Now I just have to get lots of pink shirts to match them so I can wear them everyday. (Kinda reminds me of when I was 14 and HAD to have a pair of pink Converse high-tops.)