Thursday, February 23, 2006

the Red Rocket

How many of you have ever heard this expression before? Apparently it refers to the reproductive organ of a male k-9 when he is aroused. (Did I put that into nice enough language there?) Anyway, I had never heard this expression before, although I had heard of a doggy hard-on being referred to as "lipstick".

Enter our friendly custodian, Matthew, back to clean our closet (office) from collecting debris. He mentions to me how he had seen me earlier in the afternoon, whizzing down Bull Street at a fairly quick clip. Okay, so I drive fast, and I like it.

I reply, "That's because I was in my Red Rocket!" I thought it was cute, having a name for my car. Why oh why was everyone looking at me, completely puzzled??? Of course, they all burst out laughing. Neither I nor Matthew could figure out the joke. Much to my embarrassment, it was all explained to me after Matthew left. Red Rocket = doggy penis. Super! How could I disgrace my wonderful auto with such a crude name?

What the hell?! I think I like it anyway - long live the Red Rocket!