Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been so long! But what it reminded me of was this time last year. I remember how mad Stevie was at me about something I had said, and it totally put a bad spin on what should've have been a special day. We had just started discussing the possibility of putting an addition on our home, and he was talking about doing all the construction himself. I got nervous, especially thinking of his mom's construction projects, rather haphazard in approach, spur of the moment kind of stuff, and I was afraid he'd dork the whole thing up. Holy crap, he was mad at me! I don't blame him - I came off sounding like I have no confidence in his abilities. So I ended up bringing him flowers and a gift certificate to Home Depot. Me, I got nuthin' except a hurt expression. Damn, I'm thick sometimes!

Anyway, that brings us full circle, another year under our belts, and much of the construction of said addition has been completed. The main room is done, and Stevie is now working on the sun room that comes off the back of the new room. Here's some pics to see our progress, before and after... and as for our anniversary, we decided to hold off on the presents this year, since we've been spending so much moolah on the room and stuff. Instead, we just promised to keep on spreadin' the love.

Monday, March 06, 2006

review of new lunch eatery

So, after hearing rumors of a new restaurant on Liberty Street, we decided to bite the bullet and be the first ones to eat there. J. Christopher's it's called. It may be my new favorite place to have lunch. With the exception of the slow service, it was great. And I have a feeling that the service will improve once the waitstaff gets the hang of things. Inside was a light, airy atmosphere, very California-feeling with melon and aqua decor. There was a lot of artwork, big portraits, obviously from SCAD students. Nice background music playing, some Steely Dan and Dave Matthews, two of my all-time faves. At first I thought the prices might be in the higher-than-I'd-like-for-lunch range. $6.99 for the chicken salad croissant. But the price was actually well worth it. The sandwich was huge and came with yummy roasted potatoes and fresh fruit - honey dew, grapes and orange slices. The chicken salad was quite delicious, with grapes, apples and walnuts mixed in. So ever since the Liberty Deli closed, this end of town has been in desperate need of a new good place to eat. Well, i'm pretty sure we just found it.

over the hill?

Well, another year has passed me by. I actually turned 36 on Friday. I barely realized it was my birthday, as I was in the midst of an event at work, and it had my complete focus. Luckily for me, I was the only one who actually forgot my birthday. I was greeted by many birthday wishes all day long, and presents when I got home. Stevie finally used my wish list and bought me the new printer I was wanting. I also got a lovely pot of daffodils, and Esther has promised to glaze the pot for me in her ceramics class. And my party girls at work got me a dozen cupcakes from my favorite bakery. mmmmm Rum Runners!!! I didn't even realize that I had "requested" them earlier. "When it's my birthday, I want Rum Runners!" I must sound like some spoiled, demanding kid. But it was a very nice surprise, nonetheless. Oh, and one of my oldest and goofiest friends, Zack, sent me a picture of himself, all the way from Japan.