Monday, April 10, 2006

Back to the homeland

Well, I leave for VA tomorrow morning. Yikes! I have no clean laundry, I'm not packed, I have not done a safety check on the Red Rocket, and I have not picked out my motoring tunes. I have, however, listed out a day-by-day play of the time I am gone, so everyone knows when and where they are supposed to be. Geez, I'm such a MOM! And I emailed Monica so we can meet up, have lunch, and if I have time I'll go out to Smithfield with her and check out her horse farm. Could prove to be a welcome diversion. Two weeks off work. Just wish the circumstances were better. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 07, 2006

lost for a month

Holy cow... I had meant to keep up with this thing, to blog and blog and blog. Really, I'm into it. But you know what they say... life happens. I haven't been much in the talking mood this past month. Not writing, not conversing, nothing. I guess I'm afraid to talk about anything right now, because it might make me really look at what I'm feeling.

The deal is... my mom called me. She has cancer, and she has it bad. It is lung cancer that is in the most advanced stage and has moved on into her brain. So I'm trying to figure all that out and what I really think about it. I've always known she would eventually get cancer. So now that she has it, I'm just really confused.

This weekend is our last round of SCAD Day plus the guidance counselor weekend. Heavy weekend. I'm going to muscle thru it, do my wrap-up on Monday, and then I'm going to drive up to the homeland for the rest of the week. I'm glad I'm driving up. The Red Rocket always makes me feel good, so at least I will be there with my friend. And I'm staying in my favorite hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn near Kiln Creek. But I'm really scared to see my mom... it will be hard.