Monday, August 14, 2006

My hero

Couldn't forget to mention this... tonight we were on a walk, thru the woods on the path that leads from the high school to our neighborhood. We were only about 10 yards onto the path, when Stevie jumps back and yells "Copperhead!" That's enough to make me run back the other way, never to return again, ever!!! But the big man quickly accesses the situation, decides that he should kill the snake because kids walk thru there everyday, finds a heavy log, and then proceeds to beat the shit out of said snake, quickly and with due cause. Then he makes sure to leave the carcass out on the path, if only as a reminder to the neighborhood kids to WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!!

A couple more days

In two days we leave for Rome, GA to take the big girl to college for the first time. I cannot wait. I am emotionally exhausted by this whole ordeal, and I just want it to end. Not only does she think that she is now the shit and can order us around (oh wait, that was always the case!), but now that she has her braces off her teeth and a cool new car, the boys have been circling around the house like vultures, ready to de-flower her at any second!!! The only thing I can think of to make them go away is for her to go away to college... 5 hours away, where I can worry, but do not have to be reminded of her every second of every day.

So, while the girl is packing up her room, getting ready to go, she came across some old pictures, and I just have to post this one. OMG, is my Sammy the most adorable kid in the whole entire world, or what?! Here he is at age 3...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to school edition

In case you're not from around these parts, you wouldn't know that it's back-to-school time. Normal locales designate the day after Labor Day as the first day back to school. Not so around here. My boys have been back in school since Friday, August 4. So I've been bustling around, trying to get everything back into motion, making sure they are adequately supplied, bathed, clothed, fed, and of course, making sure the girl is ready to go off to college, too. And because I've been running around doing lots of little chores and errands, that's exactly how this post will read, too.

E. got her braces off two weeks ago. The dentist had to fit her in before she leaves. So in one day the orthodontist took off the braces, then I drove her over to the dentist, where she had oral surgery to implant a falsie into a gap. She is now the proud owner of a full rack of teeth. The only catch is that she cannot chew on that side of her mouth for three months, and food should be no tougher than the consistency of steamed fish.

I earned a crappy parent award on August 3. I went home early from work so I could take the boys to their respective open house events, to meet their teachers, etc. I was so excited, because I love it when I get to be mommy. Charlie was really wound up about it because this is his first year in middle school, and he was a little... apprehensive, to say the least. So I drove Sammy over to his school first, wondering why there were no cars parked up in the front. Then I realized that no one was actually going into the building. Odd. And then, I looked over at the marquee, only to notice the dates - open house was the night before. SHIT! I missed it! And as I drove home, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I had missed Charlie's open house, too. I ran in, checked the website, and I was right. I missed that one, too. When I explained to Charlie what had happened and how sorry I was... his eyes filled up with tears. I calmly left the room, went into my bedroom, and cried like a baby. I suck! But despite that, the first day of school went off without a hitch and no one is mad at me anymore.

To make up for my transgressions, I took the boys shopping on Saturday... for five hours. It's not that we bought that much or spent a lot of time in any one place. It's just that it was tax-free weekend in Georgia, and EVERYONE was out school shopping. There were no short lines. There were no short cuts. And every store was probably jammed beyond acceptable fire code capacity. Steve wanted to come with us, but I dodged that bullet. I'm glad, too, because he would've freaked in that crowd. Luckily, though, I managed to keep the boys happy and in good spirits, and a good time was had by all, except me feet.

Work is calming down, but there's some interesting stuff going on. Basically, it's time for a new fiscal year, a new academic year, and department restructuring. I'm hoping to be restructured (I applied for a higher job position). But even if that doesn't fall thru, I did get a promotion to senior manager. Cool.

And the last tidbit, I'm going home today to some new fish. I just got a call from Stevie, and he's at the fish store, picking up my new cobalt discus, three of them. The store owner, Patty, has been holding them for me for a few weeks now, waiting for me to get ready for them. I'm not 100% ready, but she needs to move them out, to make room for some new guys, so I promised we'd pick them up before Thursday. Please, oh please, Lord, don't let me kill these things!