Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve... the end of 2008

Despite the worldwide panic behind the "economic turndown", the year ended pretty well for the house o' Beveridge. And despite a crazy Christmas trip to VA that resulted in less than 24 hours actually spent in that state, I was happy to be able to spend time with Esther and Derek and my favorite boys. I don't want to go into too much detail about the trip, but one highlight was launching our suitcase out of the back of the truck in Sumter, SC. We didn't miss the luggage until we got home. Luckily, our clothes were strewn all over the street in front of Esther's neighborhood, so she was able to retrieve most of them. Thanks, E!!!

So tonight is New Year's Eve. Gone are my party days. I am ringing in the New Year with a near-beer and putting some flair on my FB corkboard. Living large, I know! I also drove to the Kroger in my robe and pajamas and waited in the car while Charlie ran in and rented a movie. Then we came back home, and he made fried oreos for a treat. Later the boys will be setting off some bottle rockets which will inevitably end up in my neighbor's yard, who already hates us for similar behaviors. The point of all this? I guess that despite having what some would consider to be an incredibly lame New Year's Eve... I am happy as a clam. Having a relaxing evening at home (and at Kroger) in my jammies, hanging out with my homies, letting them do what they do best... I only hope that 2009 is just as great! Much love and prosperity to all my peeps out there.

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Tonia_and_boys_Inc. said...

i'm with ya, k :) people who don't have it don't understand it...the contentment and happiness that comes when you are at peace with your life, and can spend your time with the ones you love most. it's the best stuff. i, too, spend an insane amount of time at the Kroger, and i don't want to wish it away, but staying in my jammies while one of the boys runs in for me sounds heavenly...just heavenly :)
love you sweet girl!